When Victorian Women were lying and dreaming Newsletter #2

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Hi, when Victorian Women were lying and dreaming in their beds, gazing out of the window, imagining their escape across the clouds, such things were in the sky.

In the Middle Ages, a woman fortunate enough to have a bed may have gazed from the door at a cloud but then a cloud was a mass of rock – and now, here we are rehearsing on a device known as Zoom, recording our work to a thing called ‘the cloud’, gazing out of the window, wondering whether we are 3, 4, or 5g and hoping our embedded women won’t ‘freeze’.

The virtual twenty-first century world is as much of a place for dreamers and thinkers, painting pictures in their skies, as it ever was, and to push the cloud theme, every one has a silver lining, and creating the new Victorian Women in Bed dramas during our viral time, has certainly enabled all my, and I’ll make the presumption, our company of actors’ clouds, to be silver – even the roasting recent sun hasn’t diminished the fun of Zooming in with each other to be isolated but united in our creation.

It’s our hope that you’ll all be on Cloud Nine to hear that we’re returning, on August 20th, at 19.45pm, in association with the Upper Norwood Library Hub to bring you our live but virtual version of Victorian Women in Bed …

Here are the links to the Hub’s Facebook page to see the live show and to their You Tube channel, to see the stream



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