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Last week Barbara and I went to The VICTORIA BATHS Manchester to meet the Events Organiser there – a really wonderful place on Hathersage Rd, opposite the Whitworth Art Gallery, where we then went for our lunch – both tremendous Victorian structures, much improved by twenty first century development …

In the afternoon we ventured to Hale, to Clare’s house. She is curating ‘Weekend of Words’ at the VICTORIA BATHS between Friday June 7th and Sunday June 9th, where The Victorian Women in Bed will play on Sunday 9th at 2pm in the female baths (where I swam in a back-stroke competition as a school girl!) now empty of water, and a perfect venue for the embedded women.
Please make a note in your diary and, as soon as the Eventbrite booking system is in operation, I shall alert you, rest assured!
On Sunday 10th March the Company met for the first time since our January performances. Mrs Emma Hardy, read out by the actors, joined the other three Victorian Women (She is a new comer) and we all agreed that she brings a very personal story to the production. We spoke about the response we had to the Calder Bookshop performances over lunch and we all reported back extremely enthusiastic feed-back. It was mentioned to Kyra that the staging was also simple but stylish, which pleased me.

The actors agreed that it’s easier to learn the women than to remember the myriad characters who ‘pop up’ during the plays. We all laughed as Paddy muttered her Emily Brontë, ‘Barren all the moorland round.’ We also all agreed that the future of The Victorian Women looks far from barren, with Barbara on board as Producer, and further performances in both London and Manchester on the cards.
Please get in touch if there’s any thing further that you want to find out about Victorian Women in Bed.

Best wishes from Janet, Paddy, Kyra, Paul, Tracey and Barbara.

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