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We had well over a thousand watching Victorian Women in Bed and all went smoothly, phew! Upper Norwood Library Hub and Arts’ Council, England helped make the 20thAugust 2020 a memorable date for Victorian Women in Bed. We all felt thrilled with it and wanted to hug and congratulate each other but were content with waving our hands and elbows at each other while for some of us our pets looked on wondering what this new normal signifies for us and for them.


For us – we shall look at a staged performance of Victorian Women in Bed for a physically distanced audience in a performance space while recording it for an on-screen worldwide audience!

Our small step into the alternative performance space of Zoom encourages us to think that this combination of live and film performance is the perfect medium for our bed-bound women.

Some of the feedback we received …”fantastic, beautifully done, immaculately staged and performed, all the actors were superb, felt the intimacy on screen. Really spot on, keep them coming” – and that’s what we’re planning for – so that socially distancing doesn’t, as far as we’re concerned, become an excuse for formality and coldness but just heats up the Victorian Women’s bedtime experience for us and all our audiences either in the performance space with us or curled up in bed back at home watching on screen when the winter bites…


Thank you all for watching us on Zoom and for accepting the limitations of that medium and for enjoying our show. As you may have seen, the production is available to view on our home page of this website and we also now have our own YouTube channel

More news to follow soon, so keep visiting this website and our Facebook  and Instagram pages!

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