Live stream on Thursday 20th August 2020 VICTORIAN WOMEN IN BED

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‘Victorian Women in Bed’ is a theatre production, written by Janet Goddard and produced by Barbara Hardy, first staged in 2019, and now specially adapted as a captivating online production of five short plays featuring a newly crowned Queen Victoria; novelist Mary Shelley; poet, Elizabeth Barrett Browning; statistician, Florence Nightingale and novelist Thomas Hardy’s wife, Emma Hardy.

The women are funny, cross, attractive and vibrant just as much as they are eccentric and odd.

The bed is the permanent feature of the plays, and the audience will discover what a bed means to these women. The plays also give an insight into the lives and minds of these Victorian women, who have all taken to their beds for different reasons and are part of a world largely dominated by and favouring the male of the species.

Watch the online production to see these ambitious and achieving women as they unravel themselves to us, from under the comfort of their blankets. Their strength shines through….

Victorian Women in Bed actors:

  • Tracey Ann Wood as Queen Victoria
  • Jim Caesar as Mary Shelley
  • Catherine McDonough as Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  • Imogen Smith as Florence Nightingale
  • Paul Carroll as Emma Hardy

Live stream at 7.45pm on Thursday 20th August 2020

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